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Methiopropamine Powder for Sale Online

Methiopropamine Powder


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Recommended dosage: 100-200 mg

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Methiopropamine (MPA)—a synthetic drug structurally similar to amphetamine and previously widely marketed as a “legal alternative” to cocaine—should be classified as a Class B drug under the guidance of the Drug Abuse Advisory Board (ACMD). ).




Methiopropamine Powder for Sale Online

Methiopropamine Powder for Sale Online. Methiopropamine (aka MPA, Methedrene, Syndrax) is a thiophene ring-based structural analogue of methamphetamine. Mild euphoria and increased consciousness are said to be some of the effects of methiopropamine. It is about a third stronger than dextroamphetamine.

Cas 80: 801156-47-8
Formula: C8H13NS
IUPAC: 1-(thiophen-2-yl)-2-methylaminopropane

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