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Iso Hash for Sale Online

Iso Hash for Sale Online


Buy Iso hash is the product of a isopropyl alcohol extraction. QWISO is an acronym for Quick Wash Isopropyl Alcohol hash.

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Iso Hash for Sale Online

Iso Hash for Sale Online. Buy Iso hash online. Iso hash is the result of an isopropyl liquor extraction. QWISO is an abbreviation for Quick Wash Isopropyl Alcohol hash, a well-known strategy for making iso hash. Utilizing liquor as a dissolvable is amazingly shoddy, anyway, the flavour isn’t as tantamount to different solvents/techniques. The item relies upon the nature of the cannabis and extraction. Superb QWISO frequently looks clear and yellow, similar to a break, with a flexible surface. Low-quality iso hash is regularly green (from plant chlorophyll) or dark, and sticky on the surface

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