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Ibogaine Powder for Sale

Ibogaine Powder for Sale. Ibogaine HCL is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants in the family Apocynaceae such as Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana, and Tabernaemontana undulata. It is a psychedelic with dissociative properties. Preliminary research indicates that it may help with drug addiction. Ibogaine for sale. Buy Ibogaine HCL online. Ibogaine HCL powder. Buy ibogaine online.

Further, as of 2016 there are many different forms of ibogaine available, Which include the root powder, which contains extremely minute amounts of ibogaine, and has very little effect when used with the intention of mitigating opioid withdrawal symptoms; to highly-purified, 99.7% pure Ibogaine HCL, at the other end of the spectrum. Buy Ibogaine HCL online

Ibogaine HCL for Sale
Firstly, at Meds Consulting ibogaine treatment center, we use 99.7% pure pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine HCL. We do not use cheap semi-synthetic ibogaine derived from Voacanga africana; TA (total alkaloid); or PTA (purified total alkaloid) extracts. Buy ibogaine online.

Our raw materials originated in Cameroon (not Gabon), via a farmer’s co-op that has been cultivating TA iboga for our use since the mid-1990s, utilizing best practices for eco-friendly, sustainable agriculture. We do not use black or grey market materials of unknown origin or purity. Buy Ibogaine HCL online.

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