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No Bull Bath Salt

High quality concentrated bath salts.

100% legal worldwide

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Buy bath salts from No-Bull
No-Bull bath salt sales. Our shop offers the highest quality bath products, such as bath salts, to provide a soft and sensual bath that leaves you feeling refreshed. If you “buy bath salts online” from us, you are guaranteed the best quality available on the market. We offer wholesale and retail of other bath salt concentrates at good prices.

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No-Bull Bath Salts take your bath to the next level of stimulation, energy and euphoria. Only a small amount is needed for a profound effect. However, adding a little to a hot tub will naturally soften the water, leaving you feeling very energetic and happy. However, people use it to imitate the natural hot springs of the Greek Sea. Please note: Our product is a powerful meditative bath salt. However, use it sparingly in the beginning as too much will cloud the water in the tub and make you miserable. However, when used properly, bull-free bath salts can help you reach heights that you thought were out of reach.

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Molly’s Blend – new powder 500 mg

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